Cumbria Energy Performance Certificates 

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is commissioned by the seller, landlord or their agent 
from an accredited Energy Assessor who will visit the property and collect the required data.

  • Local, experienced Domestic Energy Assessors.
  • A quality service.
  • The keenest prices.

The Assessment Process

The assessment is non-invasive,  there will be no drilling or removal of fixed panels. 
It will take around 45 minutes and will include the following:                                   

A visual inspection of each room internally, including any cellar and loft spaces 
Measurements will be taken internally and/or externally
Inspection of heating systems, boilers, hot water cylinders, controls etc.
A check of the general construction, lighting and glazing   
An assessment of any other energy related features such renewable energy resources

Site notes and photographs will be used to help compile the report. 
The EPC is then created using a standard process which involves feeding the results from the survey into a software package that 
will produce the EPC and any recommendations. The resulting document will generally be sent to you by email. 

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